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As a WordPress site owner it's important you know and understand the maintenance features you need and more importantly WHY they need to be implemented. Hover over each one below to learn the main reasons why each is essential for an optimized, secure, and  growth-oriented WordPress website.

wordpress updates

WordPress Updates

We keep your plugins, theme, and core WordPress software up to date before security vulnerabilities can bring down your site. 

Why Is This Important?

  • Outdated plugins, themes and WordPress is the main way hackers gain access to WordPress sites, in fact 83% of hacked WP sites were not updated
  • Many updates are to  fix bugs that were discovered in older versions, so you need to update to get these bugs fixed

  • Updates very often add new features and functionality to plugins of the theme or WP. So to make the most of your software you need to update. .

Speed Performance Monitoring & Optimizations

Regular cleaning, code and image optimizations, is essential for WordPress sites to load fast and offer optimal user experience. We find the bottlenecks and straighten them out.

Why Is This Important?

  • 1 in 4 visitors will leave a site if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. 
  • 46% of users won't revisit slow loading sites.
  • In short - you have about 5 seconds to engage your site visitors before they start dropping off. 
  • 74% of users accessing the mobile site will leave if load time is over 5 seconds.
  • Google ranks pages partly on page load speed, better load speed = higher rankings.
website monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

If your WordPress website goes down, due to server issues, DNS issues, or site code conflicts, we get notified and are on the issue.

Why Is This Important?

  • Every minute or hour your site is down means potential loss in clients, revenue, or phone/email contacts.
  • Every time a visitor hits a site that is down it affects the professional image of that site.
  • One reasons for downtime is a hacked site. Malicious code insertion can damage your site and sometimes even site visitors devices can get infected. Monitoring uptime informs us about downtimes and potential hacking attempts so we can get on them fast. 

24/7 Security & Malware Monitoring

Hacking prevention key, so we regularly monitor for attacks, code insertion, malware, and 3rd party vulnerabilities. We also perform regular scans and security updates. Keeping you protected is our top priority.

Why Is This Important?

  • The popularity of WordPress (hosting 30% of all websites) makes it a constant target for hackers. Making sure the latest scans and security features are implemented on your site is crucial. 
  • A hacked site can potentially use your site as a "zombie" site, sending out spam email, hosting spam web pages, or worse. 
  • An insecure site that is hacked without expert WordPress consultants on retainer can mean days or even weeks of down time. 
check site

Update Checks

After updates sometimes hundreds or thousands of lines of code have been changed, the potential for conflicts between plugins, themes, and WordPress is a very real possibility. We find and fix any issues that arise. 

Why Is This Important?

  • Code conflicts can cause major design issues for site visitors that need to get fixed quickly.  
  • Functionality can be either change or have conflicts from plugin and theme updates. We test your site to check for such issues and either fix or revert to previous versions and consider next steps. 


Offsite Backups

While your host may have backups, these are often not daily and surprisingly can be buggy or worse, incomplete. And in the event your host or you yourself accidentally deletes your site install (or account cancellation due to an outdated credit card or you simply forget to renew in time)

Why Is This Important?

  • Code conflicts can cause major design issues for site visitors that need to get fixed quickly.  
  • Functionality can be either change or have conflicts from plugin and theme updates. We test your site to check for such issues and either fix or revert to previous versions and consider next steps. 


Training Video Library

Want to know more about adding new pages or blog posts, adjusting categories, updating your menu? A handy video library will be integrated into the dashboard of your site for quick reference. 

Why Is This Important?

  • Want more autonomy with site edits or just more control of the back-end? We have videos that will step you through your WordPress system.
  • Our library is updated regularly to offer relevant and detailed steps. 


Detailed Monthly Care Reports

We offer a 3 minute overview of the health of your website, and what we've done to keep it in tip-top shape. 

Why Is This Important?

  • Knowing what your website maintainer is up to allows us to be on the same page and keep a consistent line of communication. 
  • Transparency is our goal - we want you to have as much or as little information as you want concerning the state of your website. 


Minutes of Support Time

You're dedicated developer or designer is here to help. Need a minor update or edit to your site? We're just an email away and we work fast. Most updates will get done within 24 hours if requested on weekdays. 

Why Is This Important?

  • Keeping your site fresh and up to date is important to show potential customers that you are on top of your business.
  • Outdated materials, events, images, team members, is a sure way to leave site visitors questioning your professionalism and attention to detail.


E-Commerce Website Support

E-commerce sites come with a whole set of unique functionality, code, and pages. We're experienced dealing with all kinds of WordPress shopping carts and know how to test, optimize and handle issues that arise. 

Why Is This Important?

  • Your online revenue can really depend on how well you store is running. Keeping pages loading fast, functionality working properly, and security checks in place is our specialty. 
  • Security requirement, privacy laws, and e-commerce plugins are constantly changing. We're here to help you through all those issues. 


SEO Rankings

We track and report on your main keywords and how they are ranking in Google. We also provide competitor reporting for these keywords. At a glance see how you're doing in Google. 

Why Is This Important?

  • For most businesses Google can be a terrific source of website traffic. Seeing how you are ranking for the words that describe your business, service, or product is important to know where you are succeeding and where you could use some improvement. 
  • Knowing the competitors that are ranking for these keywords give you reference points for potential website, copy or design changes. It can also spark creative business ideas. 


Manual Review After Updates

After updates we'll have someone comb through each page to check for any issues and test functionality for any potential code conflicts that the updates may have created. 

Why Is This Important?

  • Sites that were developed with custom code on top of WordPress, your theme, or your plugins, is just that, "custom". So it is essentially out of the WordPress ecosystem and can often conflict with WordPress code. After updates it's essential to make sure these potential conflicts are found and fixed quickly. 
  • Having an extra set of eyes on your site's content will allow us to notify you of outdated content or upcoming content that will need to be adjusted or removed. 

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