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You can! It would take some time to figure out the ins and outs of each step and the potential hiccups that you'll encounter, but much website maintenance is not rocket science. That said, the underlying code is a science, and when things go wrong with that code having a trusted and dependable WordPress expert on your payroll is really your ultimate insurance and safety net. 

Also I assume you're a business owner, so your time is better spent running and growing your business. Let me handle the technical stuff. 

Of course. Email or call and I will cancel your account that day. If you want to talk about the issue, whether it’s a cost issue or needing different types of maintenance, I’m happy to discuss and even point you in the direction of other services you might need.

I do my best to insure this never happens, with security plugins and constant monitoring for potential threats. But new threats are a constant issue for websites and in the event this happens I handle it. No extra charge.

Just shoot me an email, I respond within 24 hours. You can also call me for more immediate issues, or if you want to discuss larger site upgrades or new site projects. We will also be setting up a help desk to handle issues and questions soon.

Sure, on the Pricing page select the top toggle button to see your discount for multiple sites.

I run SEO reports and keyword reports but WP maintenance is focused on the site’s health, proper functioning, security, and updates. SEO is a different animal.

Of course. And I’m always happy to discuss the benefits or risks in doing that.

These tasks generally involve updating content (images/text), adding or deleting menu items, re-arranging content elements, or adding your blog posts.  Just be aware that new features and functionality requests will most likely require a formal quote due to the extensive nature of implementation and testing. 

Of course. Click the image below to view.

These reports…