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Air Table –

For organize things like projects,  customers and ideas. Liek a spreadhseet but also like a database. Can add field types like chekcboxes note and drop down selections file attachments too. Calendar views. Can embed on your website. Can create and share forms. Responses feed into air table. Can collabortate with your team and tag collaboratros to message them directly in conversations.

Teamwork Projects –

TeamWork Dessk –

Slack –

Zapier –

Droplr –
Cyfe –
LastPass  password manager
My Web Audt –



This course will explain the pieces that make a WordPress Website Car Plan the most profitable an the piece that will work for you. This works. It may need tweaking for your business or types of clients.

The Product – What is a care plan, what makes it profitable, what clients is it perfect for, what should the profit margin look like when things are done right.

A care plan is a product, not a service. You must think of it as a product. I don’t trade time for money. As a product we can get 3 things we want most from these plans:

Recurring Revenue – if not then we don’t have the freedom we need for predictable income

Profitability – if not then there is no reason for this.

Stability – they sustain our business for expense and for our staff and more

So we first need to take a step back and consider how we construct our product and offerings.






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