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Hi, I'm Tim Spino. A Website Designer & Developer in Westchester, New York (and sometimes in Saigon, Vietnam) I build beautiful websites for small and medium sized businesses. When you're ready for an attractive, power-packed website I'm the guy to get your business online.

I've helped attorneys, small businesses, non-profits, churches, and entrepreneurs all over Westchester build their online presence and build the exposure that a quality website can bring.

Depending on your business maturity and budget I have 2 paths forward:


Path 1 - The Quick Base Website Project - 1 Week And Done!

After almost  decade making websites I have the  experience and skills to build a high-powered site with a quality design in 7 days. That is, IF you have some content ready, your 3 basic goals, target audience, a few technical pieces in place(a domain name, etc.). And of course you  have some time for the clear and detailed communication we'll need over that week.

Note: This is a basic WordPress site. Sites with extensive and complex functionality such as E-commerce, membership, job board, directory, Q&A, classifieds, forums, real estate, require a more robust and detailed task list and a begin at a higher price range.


Path 2 - The High-End Business Powered Website Solution

This is for the business that wants to push farther into the market and really impress their customers with a custom deign and powerful features.


If you’re looking for a web designer in Westchester, New York you’ve come to the right place.